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Nathan Hales is an alumnus of New York Film Academy and game developer that has worked to develop

titles for a variety of clients.

While at The Origin VR Nathan is a game designer where helped create engaging virtual reality experiences.

More recently Nathan developed a VR training experience for The University of Bridgeport to help

medical students learn ancient eastern medicine. At Change Lab Nathan led the game design effort to

develop the first “Introduction to Major Gifts” Change Lab™ course into clarity.

His current passions have gone into Indie game development where he spends most of his time working with a team to develop their debut project.

He has a background in screenwriting from Scottsdale Community College, where he received an AA in

Film/Television production. He understands the narrative storytelling fundamentals and actively guides

creative solutions. He is ambitious, motivated, and loves his work.

When he is not making games, he can be found Game Mastering in a game of D&D or relaxing in the

water at the nearest ocean.

He holds a B.A. in Game Design from New York Film Academy.

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