Game Designer

About Nathan Hales

I'm a Game designer with a well accumulated knowledge of story telling through my experiences as a screenwriter and short film producer. My heavy passion for interactive experiences in video games and drive to push the industry forward as technology grows has lead me to acquire as much knowledge as possible while striving to create unparalleled experiences.

Skills Include

Level Design

Programming (C#, Java Script, C++) 

3D modeling (Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D)


Visual Effects


Strive to design intuitive story driven games that leave people starving for the next one.


I've studied film, dabbled in music theory, explored 3D modeling and Coding while keeping an eye on the games industry ever since I first picked up a controller. And over the years I have allocated 3 years of experience as a screenwriter; I have produced films and been in almost every position along the way in that medium.

This was to understand narrative design (Story Telling) and how cinema achieves this. The rest of my free time was spent learning the ropes of modeling programs, dissecting games, cultural analysis, music composition, and of course the basics of C# and JavaScript.