Game Designer

Steampunk Goliath


You play as two siblings known as Sondra and Wolf, two bounty hunters from the Kingdom of Velarium tasked with hunting down these giant monsters. Their parents died during the Rebellion while they were kids and now that they’re grown up, these siblings have a big need to exert revenge on these beasts of burden. 

Steampunk Goliath is a single player third person action shooter where the player goes through various unique bosses and the objective of the game is to simply take them down. Dodge massive lasers, destroy colossal beasts of war and stand against the threat that plagues this world of dark fantasy. Do you have what it takes to conquer the Steampunk Goliath?

Job title: Lead Programmer, Concept Designer


  • Established a streamlined method of data management to improve code reusability and production.
  • Managed AI creation along with environmental scripting and player input for three extension boss encounters.
  • Oversaw Gameplay design from conceptual to implementation and testing phases in development.